About Us

USAdrop has been a logistics agent for almost 10 years and has been doing dropshipping since 2019. As time has gone by, we have helped many worldwide dropshippers and Chinese suppliers, as well as dropshippers from the USA. Our co-founders, Morgan, Charles and Sun strive to provide the best service to our clients.

Morgan worked in LA for several years and has many years of experience in marketing and brand building and is in charge of brand marketing at USAdrop. Morgan values customer service and believes that it is vital to provide clients with excellent service.

Charles, who is from Florida, has been doing Aliexpress e-commerce for almost 5 years in China. He is very optimistic of the e-commerce market in both China and the USA.

Sun, who was born in Zhejiang Province, China, is a senior shipping method expert. He has worked with more than 150 shipping carriers over the years and is able to identify fast, inexpensive shipping methods for our clients.

Sourcing and Purchasing Team

We have a professional sourcing and purchasing team that can provide most of the products listed on the market. They search for products through customer links. We inspect each piece of information about the product, such as color and size. Then we contact the factory directly and sometimes even go to the factory in person to purchase large quantities of trending products. Rest assured that the product will meet your specifications. Because we source from thousands of factories, we can always provide high-quality products at low prices, saving you as much money as possible.

Order Team

Once a customer clicks the “Buy” button, your order’s journey begins. Your orders will be placed on the USAdrop platform automatically once you have synced the orders. The order team helps customers match orders and confirm whether the address is correct. They will also upload the tracking number for you. Then the right products are selected, packaged, and shipped to the right place.

Sales Team

You can communicate with our professional sales team regarding any questions, including payment, shipping methods, products, etc. Once they see your message, they will reply and answer your questions as soon as possible. Generally, you can send USAdrop’s sales team members your product links, then USAdrop will give you a quote on the price after the best source has been found. We have hundreds of millions of products that can be accessed through USAdrop’s sales team members, with products ranging from mainstream items to ones that are hard to find. Let us handle your orders, so you can focus on marketing and customer satisfaction.

Video team

USAdrop excels in a wide-range of product branding services, including branding packages, private labels, photography, and video production. By working with us, there is no need to source private labels and white labels products on your own. We not only provide goods but present them in a way that will appeal to customers. That is why, USAdrop should be your go-to choice over other agents.