Top 5 Trending Products to Dropship in June|TikTok & Facebook Winners

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Many dropshippers, especially those who are beginners find it tough to create a strong base for their business. But with the right guide, you can find trending products to sell.

Today we analyze 5 trending products on TikTok and Facebook and super cool dropshipping product ideas for June '22 sales.

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Super Soft Home Slippers

Summer essentials are definitely one of the trending product catalogs in June 2022, so if you are a dropshipper who is in related niches or sub-niches, there are still many opportunities for you to dig in and find out amazing and unique summer products to help consumers to welcome summer and make sales.

Slippers are an indispensable household item in summer, always occupying a large share in the market. Available in many different colors and sizes, these slippers have attracted plenty of attention for their unique minimalist design and comfortable fit. 

Love Letter Envelope Pendant Necklace

Scroll down to the comments and you'll notice people engaged with positive feedback. Dropshippers who are looking for necklaces, this magical Love Letter Envelope Pendant is a worthy addition.

Another thing I really like about this kind of accessory is that the product and shipping costs are super affordable for dropshippers, you can sell them in sets or create bundles to easily create more revenue.

Recently, baby products have gained popularity once more proving that this niche could have relatively higher add-on value with reliable suppliers. 

Waterproof Baby Beach Tent

This beach tent can be used as a shelter from the sun, whether you are relaxing on a beach, at a picnic or at a park, or in a backyard. It comes with a mini pool for babies to play in, allowing parents to enjoy a safe and relaxing beach trip. 

This post got popular on TikTok, which reached over 128k likes and 11k shares. You can explore a little bit more if you want to see how the potential market could be, the estimated order volumes on this Baby Beach Tent could reach 1000 in one week.

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

The next hot-selling baby product is this Electric Baby Nail Trimmer. You can see from this recent video that got 127.5k likes and about 696 comments on TikTok. So we can know that this kind of nail trimmer set is literally in demand. 

This product helps new parents trim and polish their baby’s fingernails, preventing babies from scratching their faces while sleeping. So this product can safely solve these concerns that parents have.
Butterfly Memory Foam Bedding Pillow

The neck protection pillow provides quality and healthy sleep. The memory foam pillow is available in five different colored velvet fabric covers to choose from.

Breathable, Soft, and Durable – all at the same time. This unique pillow is suitable for everyone. 

Take a look at their FB ads you can see it has already got 1.3k likes and 611 comments on the video and that's just so crazy.

So, here are 5 Trending Products to Dropship in June!

I hope now you know what to sell in your dropshipping store.

I wish you the best with your dropshipping store, and remember that success doesn't happen overnight, Start your adventure with USAdrop now!