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The number of orders fulfilled through dropshipping has increased dramatically in recent years. But what exactly is dropshipping, and why is it becoming increasingly popular? We're here to tell you about the advantages of outsourcing your dropshipping fulfillment and the benefits of dropshipping.


What is dropshipping?


Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method that does not need the store owner to keep inventory. When a shop uses the dropshipping model to sell a product, it purchases the item from a third party and sends it straight to the buyer. Because the seller never handles the product directly, he or she is not required to participate in the storage, sorting, or packaging process. The merchant will only buy goods from a supplier when it is required to fulfill orders. 

If you're an eCommerce store owner, the procedure goes somewhat like this:

• An order has been placed with your store.

• You provide your fulfillment agent with the essential information.

• You are charged for the service fee provided by the fulfillment company.

• The dropshipping fulfillment company purchases, packs, and ships the product to the client.

• The item is delivered to the customer. 


Advantages of Dropshipping


• Dropshipping is less costly and more accessible than conventional means of fulfillment.

• When a shopper buys a product, the seller solely pays the supplier or manufacturer. The startup fees are nearly nil, which is appealing pricing for entrepreneurs who are just getting their e-commerce firm off the ground.

• This strategy allows you to focus on other elements of your business while also saving money on the costs of creating and keeping inventory.

• Because the merchant does not have to store physical stock, a wide range of things are accessible to sell. 


Reducing stock costs


Having no inventory saves money for dropshippers, but it also causes headaches. If you wish to avoid the drawbacks of dropshipping, you'll undoubtedly want some inventory.

If you don't want to have inventory, you can save time and money by outsourcing fulfillment to a look at how USAdrop works: 

1. Add products and place orders on the USAdrop web app.

2. Your products will be shipped to us by the supplier where we initiate the fulfillment process.

3. USAdrop integrates with your Shopify eCommerce store: customers order your products, and we take care of the sorting, packing, and posting!

4. You can see incoming orders, sales, and fees in real-time on your dashboard.