What is USAdrop? 


USAdrop is a dropshipping fulfillment company founded by Americans in China. We know that there are a lot of Chinese agents out there and they know very little about what American dropshippers really want. We also understand that communication between agents and suppliers is tough, due to language barriers and business culture. USAdrop relies strictly on native English speakers to make important business calls, answer and quotfor our clients.  


What does USAdrop want from our clients? 


We encourage our clients to contact our sales agent and ask questions, not only how we fulfill orders but also to learn more about our average shipping times, pricing, video promotion details, live stream service, Print On Demand factories and other extra service that USAdrop can provide. We love to develop new business deals with our clients exploring our vast resources in the USA and China. We try to combine the best of the two worlds.


Where does USAdrop get the winning products on Winner part? 


USAdrop is always on top of things when it comes to the newest trending products for the A merican market by visiting top shipping carriers and factories. If a hot product arrives in the market, factories will notify. Shipping carriers will then pay attention to productthat have high volume orders to specific countries.


What is the American staffs job in USAdrop? 

The American staff are in charge of Marketing. Not only that but they also handle Saleand Service Department. They focus on researching new trending products, promotional strategies, phone calls and reply clients.


How USAdrop get best price for order fulfillment? 

1. Resource integration advantages

Cooperated with hundreds of dropshippers that will lower the purchasing and shipping price to the USA, it will help us to negotiate with factories and shipping carriers to get a discount for USAdrop. Then we can give our clients a better price in total.



2. Three-way Price Comparison Process

When the clients sync orders to USAdrop with their products, our sourcing and purchasing team will follow the “Three-way Price Comparison Process” to make sure we get the lowest price with same quality. We compare the price including product price, domestic shipping price, product quality and the package weight etc. to different factories.


3. Good Relationship with top partners

USAdrop has good and long-term relationship with big partners such as YunExpress, WHZJ factory etc. When the market price has increased, our partners always can give us a stable price or a lower increment. When events of greater force happen, they will offer a emergency plan for USAdrop to reduce the losses, such as the lockdown of a city due to covid-19, the detained of shipping as the tension of flight.



What are POD suppliers on USAdrop platform? 


They are factories based in China that basically have their own product line and focus on one or few niches such as jewelry/clothing/etc. Most POD suppliers have a minimum order quantity requirement. USAdrop will help clients confirm the details for the design or the special request of the POD products, finish the inspection part and shipping part of the order fulfillment.


Inspection for POD products is quite important. For example, when a client is selling necklace that allow the buyers to put their own name on it, it means, when the client get 1000 orders, there will be 1000 necklaces with 1000 different names and different 1000 addresses. USAdrop Inspection Team” is not only in charge for the products quality but also for checking the information of each product, to ensure that we ship the right product with right name to the right address. That is quite crucial to not harm the single buyers experience.


What is the USA warehouse? 

We have a product list that show products already in the States. More and more customers require better shipping times. USAdrop have prepared products in the U.S.A warehouse so that we can ensure the package delivered within 3 to 5 days in the USA. It will help the sellers’ customers shopping experience and improve the repurchase rate of the store. We will have a professional team that help to inspect the product and packaging it before the shipping.