1. What kind of service does USAdrop offer?

Dropshipping orders fulfillment, weekly winning products recommendation, print on demand (P.O.D) suppliers, U.S based warehousing, live stream service, customer branding etc.

2. Does USAdrop ONLY ship to US?

 No, USAdrop can fulfil orders worldwide.

3. How to find winnning products on USAdrop?

After signing-up on USAdrop, there will be options like “Winners” with “Previous 30days”, “Last Month’s” and “This week”columns. “Previous 30days”is free for our clients, If the clients want to know the most hottest products , they can upgrade the membership plan.

 USAdrop will list the products that are popular in the TOP dropshipping countries, show pictures, the videos and the description of the products as well as the recommended selling price on Shopify store.

4. How to get quote from USAdrop?

With the basic plan, members get 3 product quotations for free. Upgrade to our pricing plan to get more product quotes. USAdrop offers one-on-one sales agent for all our clients, we encourage our clients to contact their personal agent for more information.

5. How to import Aliexpress products to my Shopify store?

Use”Import”and paste the Aliexpress product link, USAdrop will grab the data of Aliexpress product with title, photos, variants, descriptions and the price to the clients Shopify store.

The import price will be 1.6 times higher than Aliexpress price. The clients can adjust the times number.

6. What are the Print on Demand(POD)suppliers?

The Print on Demand(POD)suppliers are USAdrop partners. USAdrop only recommends tried and tested POD suppliers.

7. How can I use USAdrop's live stream service for my products?

USAdrop offers live stream service for our clients. Clients wishing for such service need to offer the following information:

  • Which Live Stream Platform
  • Brand
  • Products Feature
  • Shipping Destinations
  • The Discount Strategy
  • Any Other details etc.

We need to prepare at least 1 week before the live stream.

8. What about the USA warehouses?

USAdrop has two ways to use the USA warehouses.

First, the clients buy the inventory for storage in the USA warehouses, USAdrop will then ship all the products to the USA warehouses.

Or, clients choose the products that are already in stock in the USA warehouses that are listed on USAdrop platform.