How to take advantage of the Olympic Games to Boost your Dropshipping Business?

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Recently, the Olympic Games have become the main focal point across the globe. And, of course, many dropshippers will take advantage of these hot events to explore business opportunities.

In fact, 2022 is full of many sporting events. Today, I’d like to give you some ideas on how to benefit from this year and hit a big achievement for your dropshipping business

What sporting events are there this year? 



How do you arrange your store promotion and marketing with so many events? 

1. Focus on social media marketing 

First of all, you can follow some hot topics related to the event or join related topic groups. For example, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great at helping you find new products. People share what they like on those platforms, so you can promote those event-related products under those topics, bringing potential customers, which builds trust.

Second, most people prefer video to text. Therefore, during this period, using dynamic and interesting videos to promote products will be much better than static videos.

2. Know the relevant events and participants in advance 

Take the Super Bowl in America, for instance. This year's U.S. Super Bowl begins on February 13. The Super Bowl is not only a sporting event but also an annual festival in the United States. Therefore, knowing the American NFL and their teams in advance will help us make early judgments on popular products during the event.

3. Segment audiences and market products in a targeted manner 

You need to know the attributes of the user groups that your product applies to and connect them with your event followers.

Once again, let's look at the Super Bowl again. The Super Bowl audience survey shows that adults aged 18-49 only account for about 40% of the Super Bowl audience, and more data points to women now being the main Super Bowl audience. Among users aged 35 to 54, 61% are female. Therefore, marketers need to curate content that targets or includes women.

Best-selling Products 

So which products will be the biggest hits during these competitions?

Customized Clothes 

For example, during the Super Bowl, hats and gloves with the corresponding team's logo are very hot. According to records from previous years, sales of these products increased significantly in the weeks before the "Super Bowl," and when the champion was born, the sales increased significantly.

Related Decorations 

Such as colored flags and posters. Take the Super Bowl, for example.

On the day of the "Super Bowl", almost everyone was having a Super Bowl party. During the game, the crowd was empty, the police were in full force, and the fans carried flags and wore football uniforms.

At the same time, tablecloths, cups, bunting, etc., related to the team are also popular.

Food Containers 

When watching a game, people always buy a lot of snacks to enjoy.

According to statistics, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-highest single-day food consumption day in the United States, after Thanksgiving.

Therefore, some creative and decorative food containers may become hot-selling products during this period.

Sporting Goods 

Since it is some sports events, sports-related supplies are naturally indispensable. And dropshippers who sell such items have a big advantage if they buy from China: Thanks to China's strong supply chain, you can get high-quality products at relatively favorable prices for many sporting goods. And if you have enough foresight, you only need to prepare these goods in advance to the local warehouse in the United States to achieve the dual advantages of price and transportation timeliness!

Anyway, accept today's full-year sports events marketing tips and carefully plan your next marketing strategy to achieve new breakthroughs in 2022!


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