P.O.D.(Print on Demend) vs Brand vs Customize

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Hello, USAdrop is here. We used to talk about the types of online stores, and we know there is a type of online store is “brand’ store. 

So, today I’d like to tell you more details about branding and customizing. 

Why branding and customizing are the uptrend of dropshipping?

With the serious homogeneity of products on the market, the cost of acquiring customers on major traffic platforms has soared. Most dropshippers have found that the marketing cost of promotion on their dropshipping stores has also increased, and it is not easy to obtain ideal traffic and results through conventional ways.

Therefore, dropshippers need to do a good job in the refined operation of their dropshipping stores, pay attention to the conversion rate, retention rate, and repurchase rate of customers, as well as increase the proportion of direct traffic in order to better get out of the vicious cycle of high marketing costs. This is why we need to pay more attention to the branding and customizing of your dropshipping business in the later stage.