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AliExpress has become a sizeable direct-selling platform with many direct-selling suppliers and product resources. Many dropshipping sellers source and import products from AliExpress. USAdrop is a dropshipping agency, similar in some ways to AliExpress, but dedicated to sourcing products and fulfilling orders for dropshippers.

But which is a better option for your dropshipping store? What is the difference between USAdrop and AliExpress?

This blog will discuss two important aspects of price and shipping timeliness.


USAdrop quotation

In most cases, product quotations on USAdrop is lower than those on AliExpress. Because USAdrop has cooperated with many high-quality and experienced factories for a long time, we can obtain more competitive product prices. At the same time, we have a variety of shipping channels, and the freight usually depends on the shipping method, product weight, and delivery country. Please note that USAdrop's product quotations include shipping costs. 

AliExpress price

AliExpress has a wide range of products and offers various coupons for new users. It seems like many of the products are free shipping, thus attracting many new dropshippers. However, if you compare the product price on USAdrop with the total price on AliExpress, you will find that AliExpress is not cheaper, even with free shipping. Most AliExpress sellers simply shift some or all of the shipping cost into the product price to make the shipping cost look attractive. Essentially, AliExpress pricing will make you pay more.


USAdrop delivery

The shipping methods most used by USAdrop include Yanwen Express, 4PX, USPS, DHL, etc. We will choose the most suitable shipping channel for you according to your products and the countries where your products are shipped. You can customize the shipping rules of your store.

Regarding the shipping time, it will take about 5 -8 days to get to the US by the fastest shipping method. In addition, USAdrop has two warehouses in the US, which can prepare and deliver goods for you, and the shipping time is only 2-5 days. The product tracking number will be updated in your store, and you can also log in to the USAdrop platform to check.

AliExpress Shipping

Suppliers on AliExpress generally provide a variety of shipping methods, from EMS, ePacket, UPS to DHL, etc. But finding a reliable dropshipping supplier is challenging. Some suppliers may lie to you that the product has shipped but cannot find the tracking number, and some will give you a false tracking number. Therefore, delivery time is difficult to guarantee. This can create a very bad experience for your customers. If you use AliExpress's standard shipping method, the delivery time will be more than 20 days or even a month to the USA.

Therefore, many people advise against using AliExpress for dropshipping.First, the uneven product quality and long delivery time will make your customers abandon your store and go to other stores. Second, many illegal suppliers and scammers increase the risk of dropshipping on AliExpress. 

AliExpress is a great platform to start dropshipping and find hot-selling products and suppliers. But when your store has many stable orders, you need more convenient tools or other platforms to help you complete orders in batches. So if you want lower risk and higher profit, AliExpress is unsuitable for long-term use.

A dropshipping fulfillment center like USAdrop can save you a lot of headaches. We can manage the whole supply chain for you, strive for the most competitive price for your products and manufacturers, and check the quality of products before shipment. When you have a problem, USAdrop is always responsible and available to help.