5 To 8 days

As you know, choosing the right shipping method is crucial for your business. Our standard shipping option is USPS, which has an average arrival time of 5 to 8 days. Other companies charge high fees for oversized packages or large product volume, but we ship at a lower competitive rate.


1-on-1 Support Team

When working with USAdrop, you will get a personal sales consultant who will work with you 1-on-1. This means there is no need to contact multiple support teams for different vendors. One sales representative will handle your requirements and manage deliveries. This eases the burden of needing to deal with multiple vendors at the same time, which can easily create ambiguity in orders and delay deliveries.


Product Sourcing Service

One of the primary benefits of USAdrop is that it improves product sourcing for your dropshipping services. You don’t need to spend extra time looking for products from different suppliers, nor do you need to contact any suppliers. USAdrop will take care of the product sourcing for you. Moreover, our sales team’s experience in the market will also help you locate products more quickly.


Quality Inspection

One element of concern is the quality of the products being supplied to your customers. A dropshipping agent is only effective if they offer quality inspection services. USAdrop offers quality inspection services, as well as a reasonable refund policy for products broken during international shipping.


Shopify Full Integration

Another element of concern is Shopify's full integration. USAdrop provides complete integration with Shopify. This makes it easier to streamline your inventory management processes. The agent is responsible for maintaining and managing the inventory. However, when using multiple suppliers, it is important to maintain your own effective management to avoid any ambiguities.


Bulk Inventory Storage

One thing to keep in mind is that popular products are always in short supply, as a large number of people stock them, waiting to ship them out. A problem for most new dropshippers is that they don’t utilize their inventory storage management enough and miss out on opportunities. Another advantage of USAdrop is that you can save on processing time so that your clients receive products quickly. With USAdrop, you can get bulk storage options for free. Just talk with your sales rep.


Brand Building

Every business needs branding, even if you’re opting to use dropshipping. USAdrop makes this easy by handling product branding services, including branding packages, private labels, photography, and video. You don’t need to source private labels and white labels on your own. Using USAdrop will allow you to focus on brand building.


Merge Multiple Orders Into a Single Order

With USAdrop, you can merge multiple orders into one. USAdrop can manage the details and prepare all of the goods simultaneously, which will help save on the time and money needed to source products from different suppliers.

Vital Partner for you to scale your business without obstacles. The new dropshipping customer service model only comes from USAdrop.
Sourcing and Purchasing Team

We have a professional sourcing and purchasing team, providing most of the products listed in the market. They will search for products through customer links. We will check every bit of information about the product, such as color, size, and length. Then they will contact the factory directly and sometimes even go to the factory to purchase large quantities of hot-selling products. So don't worry about whether or not the product will be wrong. Because we source from thousands of factories, we can always provide high-quality products at low prices, saving you as much as possible.

Order Team

Once a customer clicks the “Buy” button, your order’s journey begins. Your orders will be placed on the USAdrop platform automated once you have synced the orders before. The order team helps customers match orders and confirm whether the address is correct, and will also upload the tracking number for you. Then the right products have to be selected, packaged, and shipped to the right place.

Sales Team

You can communicate with our professional sales team for any questions, including payment, shipping methods, products, etc. Once they see your messages, they will reply and answer your questions as soon as possible. Generally, you can send USAdrop’s sales team members your products links, then USAdrop will tell you the price quote once we find the best source. We have hundreds of millions of products you can access through USAdrop’s sales team members, with products ranging from mainstream items to hard-to-find items. Let us handle your orders. That way, you can focus on your marketing and customer satisfaction.

Video team

USAdrop can handle product branding services, including branding packages, private labels, photography, and video. You don’t need to source private labels and white labels products on your own. We not only provide the goods but present them in a way that attracts the customers. That is why, instead of cooperating with other agents, you should opt for USAdrop.

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